Board of Directors:


Lenelle Scholl – Director

Lenelle has lived in Winchester WI all her life, and has been passionately working with horses for the past sixty years. At the bright young age of six years old she got her first horse. Over the years she has mastered, trained, bred, shown horses, and instructed students in Western, Dressage, Jumping, and Eventing. Over the years she has realized her passion which is working with kids at risk and on the Autism Spectrum. Horses are the true teachers and heroes, us humans facilitate the process. This program is her true passion.





Russ Sleight – President

Russ was born & raised in Manitowish Waters, a Coast Guard licensed Master Captain, a hunting/fishing guide & enjoys working with horses & special needs children.







Linda Anderson – Treasurer

I am Linda Anderson. My husband Karl and I came to Mercer, WI in 1989 from Crystal Falls, MI. We have two children, Kati and Max. In my time here I have worked mostly as a waitress and bartender. I worked at the Mercer School for four years as an aide. I was hired as a bookkeeper for Great Lakes Carpentry where I learned and worked with Quick Books bookkeeping program for nearly ten years. In those years, I also worked as a bookkeeper for Floral Consultants and Williams Electric. Currently, I work at the Around the Corner Pub as a waitress and bartender. I enjoy walking my dog, bowling, exercising, boating, and baking. I am happy to be a part of the Scholl Community Impact Group and their commitment to special needs children and their families.




Nancy Holdmann – Secretary

My husband and I have been married 55 years. We have two children & four grandchildren. We retired to Winchester in 1997 & have lived here full-time since. I worked all my life as a bookkeeper for a private business & part time as Deputy Clerk for a Sanitary District.







Bette Berga – Member of The Board

Resides in Wakefield Michigan with her horse, dog, and cat. Her interests are western and dressage riding. Retired and very active volunteer and program decison maker.










Our headschool master, he was the one who chose to work with kids on the Autism Spectrum. His quiet and understanding soul helps each student become confident. He always listens to each voice and actually smiles when their first word is “Roanie”.


20 year old Leopard Appaloosa gelding. Norm is gentle and has a huge heart with tons of patience. He loves to trail ride and enjoys being in parades. He’s been a program horse for five years -kids call him “Dapple-apple” because of his spots.






22 year old regular non-character paint gelding. He’s been on staff for eight years and has quiet and very gentle even flowing gaits. His steady gaits make him an excellent school horse.


18 year old Morgan. 15 hands is a riding plus driving horse, so he has two jobs. His gaits are shorter in strides, so he is quicker in movement than the other staff members. He is new to our program this year, but loves kids.








16 year old 1/4 gelding, basic brown with white chrome. Very popular with the girls because he’s very handsome. His gaits are short, but he is kind and willing. He’s been on our staff for two years.

Blintz Duck

Domestic Mallard, four years old. Loves to get fed bread. He is gentle when he takes the bread out of your hands. He fits into the program because a duck is not the normal staff member. I guess he shows everyone he’s different but willing to help humans. After all we are all connected.








20 year old pony with a big attitude in a small body. His big personality just breaks the tension with new students. He is small enough we can take him to schools in special education classrooms.








28 year old appaloosa. TB – 15.3 hands, very colorful coat with heart shaped spots on his butt. He is a retired Dressage/Event horse. His gaits are very forward and even in strides. He is one who seeks out introverted kids and keeps nuzzling until they extend a hand or give him a hug. His mother, Luv, started the program.






Three year old Lab/Border Collie. Little girl, She is our official greeter, ball in mouth and tail wagging! She has a spirit to win your heart over and make you smile. She works on catching balls that are thrown, helping with motor skills and eye coordination with students.







Macy Mae

Six year Chocolate Lab female. She is quiet and well mannered. Macy seems to hang out with shy kids, she gives them confidence to ride.