Scholl Community Impact Group

6003 Old County W
Winchester, WI 54557
(715)493-3534 Lenelle Scholl-Director
[email protected]

Thank you very much for your interest in the Scholl Community Impact Group. It is our pleasure to discuss our program with you or answer any questions you may have. The Members and Directors of SCIG are enthusiastically dedicated to the success of the Program and are fully aware success will only be achieved with the support of people such as you.

If you desire to meet with the Director or a Board Member in private, we would be happy to arrange such a meeting.

Should you be a member of a public or private organization and desire to have SCIG provide a private presentation, we would be pleased to do so. Please contact us to discuss your desires and to schedule the event.

If you have ideas of other individuals or organizations which might be interested in hearing the story of this unique program, please let us know that as well and we will respectfully contact them. In all cases we can be contacted in one of these ways, and we will be prompt in getting back to you.