“We strive to take those with different abilities to new heights with the belief that every star shines… brilliantly.”


Over the course of the year we hold several events: Camp AweSum, Family Fun Day, and more. Here are the current dates for these events:
Camp AweSum Dates are:
June 23-24 Family Camp
June 30-July 1 Youth Camp
July 21-22 Family Camp
Aug 18-19 Family Camp

General Information

Our facility includes:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Arena so weather is never a problem
  • Tack room
  • Cross-tie grooming and tack area
  • Access to numerous trails for trail riding


Safety is our number one concern:

  • Helmets are required
  • Boots with heels are a must!
  • There are a limited supply of boots in the event you forget your own
  • All students must wear long pants, shorts are not allowed

Scholl Community Impact Group

Benefits to equestrian assisted learning:

Classes are individually structured for each participant in either private or group lessons, typically one hour long. Students learn through riding to assume personal responsibilities and gain problem solving skills. Riders in Motion stresses hands on learning including:

  • Catching and leading the horse
  • Grooming, saddling and bridling
  • Equipment care and cleaning up
  • Self confidence soars
  • Posture and coordination improves
  • The muscle groups the rider uses when riding, walking, sitting and reaching are toned up, stretched and strengthened
  • A non-verbal line of communication is created between rider and horse which can lead to emerging speech
  • Hand-eye coordination, head and upper body strength, and joint mobility all improve
  • Improved social skills
  • Developing trust and respect
  • Following directions and making the right choices

Riders in Motion

A youth mentoring program where magic happens with angels in fur coats

“Riders in Motion” is one division which provides purposeful and supervised interactions with horses for families and individuals with physical, cognitive or emotional disabilities. Program goals include:

    • Building self-confidence, respect, and demonstrating responsibility
    • Expanding social skills through communication, trust, and team-work
    • Developing problem solving skills, and making positive choices
    • Improving physical fitness

Riders in motion is now portable and available to come directly to you for any horse interactions. Please call for details (715-493-3534).

Four times a year we travel to Camp AweSum in St. Germain Wisconsin to bring our horses for unique equine learning experiences, follow the link below to find out more about Camp AweSum and enjoy our slideshow!

Camp AweSum

“Campers for a week; friends for a lifetime”

Visit Camp AweSum Here

Enjoy our slideshow from Camp Awesum 2013 Here.and 2014 Here.

Blazing a New Trail

Autism Support Group

“Blazing a New Trail” is an Autism Support Group that looks at the diagnosis of autism with new eyes. We see the unlimited potential in every individual.

  • Monthly meetings help each other in challenging times through conversation and shared experiences
  • Guest speakers provide guidance and valuable insight
  • Community outreach programs educate emergency responders and others on how to assist those with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Through Scholl Community Impact Group, scholarships are made available for children, parents, and caregivers to attend camps and other educational opportunities